Young Ambassadors Board

We at Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport would like to proudly announce the creation of our Young Ambassadors Board. Our aim is to create a working group of young adults, who have a strong sense of responsibility, a commitment to sustainable development, and strong interpersonal leadership skills, in able to promote young voices and opinions and mentor future committees.


I was born in 2008 and I’m from Drøbak, Norway. I’ve been attending Drøbak Montessori School for Youths for about 2 years, and this has made me more independent and strong willed. I was part of the student committee during the planning and execution of the SD-games 2022 and that was quite an experience for me. I enjoy meeting new people and that’s one of the many reasons why SD-games were so fun for me.


I was born in 2008, in Norway, though I come from Uganda. I have attended Montessori schools since first grade, and the system has been a significant and essential part of my life. It has made me recognize my love for being independent but also had the roles I needed where I could be a thoughtful leader and help people around me, which is something I enjoy.

Mid-2021, my classmates and I heard that the first-ever Sustainable Development Games would be hosted at our school. That was immediately something I wanted to be involved in. A comitée was formed, and I was very thrilled and grateful that I was chosen as of the 12 members. Through a lot of planning and exciting weeks, the week finally came. The SDGames week was an incredible experience, and lifelong friendships and memories were made, which I will forever cherish.

A few of my classmates and I got another fantastic opportunity to join the Young Ambassadors Board. Wish will be important and very exciting work, we are thrilled to be doing this work alongside Jeroen, Aiden, and Roelant!



I was born in 2007 and live in Drøbak. I love being active, playing sports, and doing physical activities. I love spending time in nature both doing photography and just enjoying the local nature. I’m also a social person and love to meet new people and spend time with friends. Sustainable Development Games in Drøbak was a perfect opportunity to combine many of my interests and also learn about taking responsibility over the event and learn so much about sustainable development games. 

I think sustainable development is such an important topic, now that climate change is a bigger problem than ever before. The best solutions must be made by the people that will live with the consequences in the future, the young people. I think it’s so important to learn to take responsibility and learn about the problems we’re facing. 

Looking forward to being a part of the Young Ambassadors Board



I was born and raised in 2007 in Drøbak, Norway, but my parents come from The Netherlands. When I turned 13 I became a part of the Montessori school as an 8th grader in Drøbak Montessori Ungdomsskole.

Halfway through 2021, our principal came with very exciting news. He said we were to host something called SDGames, and I still remember how I immediately wanted to become a part of it. I love making new friends, learning about different cultures and learning about the environment. Fortunately, I was chosen to join the committee, and we suddenly had a lot of planning in front of us. 

We worked hard together to make the SDGames work. Back then I also got to know Roelant and Jeroen who wanted to host this game with our school alongside them. In September 2022 the games started, and it became a huge success. The global Montessori Games gave me great memories that I won’t forget in a long time.



I am a 15 year old girl, living in the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.  I am a student at the DaVinci Montessori secondary school here in Bergen. In my spare time I play football and do Kick Boxing. In the winter I do snowboarding and skiing,  both cross country and alpine. In the summertime I like to swim, use the SUP and drive my boat. I like to read and listen to music, my favourite band is Judas Priest. I think it is important that young people take part in both discussions and decisions regarding the society we live in and the future of our world, and that is why I engage my self in different projects and comittees. I was a member of the local organizing comittee at the GMG Bergen 2023 and I am very happy to join the GMG Young Ambassadors Board and will do my best to fulfill the expectations!



I was born in 2009 and live in bergen in western Norway, I am a student at the daVinci Montessorischool in Bergen, where we have elementary and secondary school. There are things I like to do in my free time, for example: I really enjoy watching football matches especially here at Brann stadium where sk Brann plays its home games, I watch games here almost everytime and is one of my favourite things to do. In the winter I also love skiing, mostly alpine because then I can go downhill very fast. I think it is important that young people like me can be included in hosting and in organising events, like my school did in March where I was the vice leader of the host committee. I also think sustainable development is really important, especially for us young people because in the future it is our responsibility to make the earth a sustainable place. And I think being a part of the young ambassadors board is great for learning about how to take responsibility and help other people to host events in the future

I am excited to join the young ambassadors board.