Travel tips to Bergen

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Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast. Norway’s second largest city is surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord, the country’s longest and deepest.

Fly to Bergen

Bergen has its own airport. You can fly there directly:

Travel by boat & ferry

You can travel to Bergen by boat or ferry from Denmark or Stavanger, Norway:

Travel by train

The Oslo to Bergen train is Northern Europe’s highest railway. The journey includes some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. There are four daily departures between Bergen and Oslo and you can even do the trip overnight. The Bergensbanen train between Oslo and Bergen takes about seven hours, has about 180 tunnels and 22 stops.

Useful websites to search flights

There are many good websites to look for and compare flights. Here are some that might be useful for you:

International Travel Restrictions by Country

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