Travel tips SDGames – Norway 2022

Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Torp Sandefjord Airport are both international airports within 1 hour drive from Drøbak. Oslo Airport is the major airport in Norway, and has excellent connections for both foreign and domestic flights.

Airport bus from Gardermoen along the east side of the Oslo Fjord stops at Korsegården, a junction on the E6 which is about 12 km from Drøbak. It takes an hour directly to Korsegården, which is the first stop. Schedules you will find on line F11 Fredrikstad-Gardermoen, or F16 Sarpsborg-Gardermoen. From Korsegården there is a bus to Drøbak, see Router # – or you can order a taxi with Follo Taxi (tel. 06485) – 24 hour service.

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