The Exercises

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The following exercises are based around the 5 main categories of fitness related motor skills including strength, speed, stamina, coordination and flexibility. Each is associated with muscle movement and when carried out, works your muscles in unison with your nervous system and brain to move a part of the body.

We have provided multiple activities for each component to offer a rounded workout for the body and brain, to allow for the development of many different skills and to give opportunity for variety and choice, so that people can create their own suitable routine.

All exercises can be completed in any location or circumstance and are designed to allow adaptations for different levels of difficulty or intensity. They aim is to both challenge ourselves and to have fun.


 Check out the videos of the exercises per skill:
 1.  Strength
 2.  Speed
 3.  Stamina
 4.  Coordination
 5.  Flexibility


Creating a Routine

Physical exercise improves brain function but mental strength is needed for the discipline to maintain a routine. The more people are aware of this, the more likely they are to make time to exercise and create their own workout routines.

Each person is different. We all have our own habits and preferences, as well as our own busy schedules to follow. This is why we challenge everyone to create and maintain their own personal routine, and adapt it to better suit their own situation.

It is important to establish the time of day that is most suitable to your needs or goals and structure a balanced routine that includes a variety of motor skills and is at an appropriate level of intensity.

GAMES has provided a template (click here to download).

We invite everyone to share their schedule, so that we may challenges each other, as well as ourselves, and create a more social, collaborative experience.

The Complete Package

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about much more than just moving or following a workout routine. It is about having balance in many different aspects of your life and ensuring that you adhere to healthy habits.

Another very important factor to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body is also maintaining a healthy diet. It is important to eat the right amount of the right food, at the right time, to better fuel your body and improve brain function.

Sleep, and having regular rests, is also important to physical and cognitive fitness and ensuring that you get the required 6-8 hours a night and down time from your busy schedule will offer better concentration and a better mood.

Finally, and crucially during these difficult times, maintaining social contacts and often connecting with those we love is paramount to our mental health. Being isolated or socially distanced can lead to stress, anxiety or depression, so we must all remember to communicate.