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Team China working on their Carbon Footprint

January 6, 2020
Afbeelding voor Team China working on their Carbon Footprint
As an international event, the Global Montessori Games requires a lot of travel by our participants and guests. We challenged them to find ways in which they can offset the Carbon Footprint that this creates and to help work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our friends from MMUN World Citizen Senlinhu School Zhengzhou in Chinahaving travelled the furthest, thus creating the most emissions, have started to do their part.

Their focus has been on Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, where they learned about water quality and hygiene, ways to reuse water and consume more responsibly and how to filter water, to make it cleaner and safer to drink.

“We want to help. Millions of people do not have clean, safe water to drink. We can and must change this.” (Yoyo, aged 14).

Learning about, and working on, any of the SDG’s will have a positive impact on our planet and the lives of the people on it.

We at GAMES want our events to be sustainable for our participants and for the environment and commend the work Team China has been doing.

“We cannot plant trees now because it is winter but we wanted to do something. We will continue to work on Global Goals and do tree planting and more in the spring.” (Charlie, aged 13).

We challenge you to get involved and to find ways in which you can help make this world a cleaner and safer place to live and welcome you to share your stories with us.

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