Sponsors & partners

For organising our events we need the help of our partners and sponsors. Thanks to them we can make the Global Montessori Games even bigger and better.







  • Paul Kok from Lingewaard Notarissen helped and supported the establishment of our nonprofit organization, Global Association of Montessori Education and Sports.
  • Linku developed, created and maintains our great website.
  • Nederlandse Montessori Vereniging sponsors the event to make this special montessori event possible.
  • Judith Cunningham from Montessori Model United Nations for inspiring us and for being a member of our advisory board.
  • Global Goals World Cup & The Worlds Largest Lesson for a shared vision and a great partnership.
  • Montessori Sports for having shared values. We will work together to share ideas and resources. Our partnership is based on mutual support and promotion, with plans to develop more collaborative events where we work towards our shared goals of child development and sustainability through sports.
  • HAN Green Office is a department, run mainly by students, that is commited to offering students formal and informal educational opportunities and training, with the aim of developing “future-proof” professionals, who can recognize and promote sustainable opportunities in the professional field. They offer educational workshops, community activities and events and campaigns to generate interest and awareness of the SDG’s.
  • The Prepared Montessorian Institute is a training and professional development platform that offers a range of programs for caregivers and educators, aspiring and practicing alike. We are delighted to partner up with an innovative organisation trying to enlarge the global Montessori community.
  • Montessori Europe for supporting and promoting us within their workshops and working sessions, and for sharing our mission to connect Montessorians around the world and guide young people to be a citizen of this modern and complex global society.

We’d like to thank our sponsors and partners for supporting and helping out.

With your support, we can offer continued and improved services and connect more children, from more countries, allowing them to share and learn from one another.

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Are you interested in supporting this event, please contact us.