Sponsors & partners Italy 2023

Partners and Sponsors play a very important role in helping make these events possible, as well as add value to the overall experience of all participants.

We would like to thank the people and organisations that support our mission, and welcome others to get involved.

However you choose to help, your involvement will have a positive impact on this event and the young people that we work with.

Are you interested in supporting this event, please contact us: roelant@montessorigames.org


“Energy during the games with dry fruit.”


“This icecream brand offers great support with t-shirts and gadgets.”


“Organizational support from the local authorities”




“Sponsorship from Piedmont region with souvenirs”.



“Demonstrations of Life”


“Orienteering and protecting animals and nature”


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‘ The aim of Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport is to connect people through sport and education. It is about building a peaceful and better world by practicing sports and making new friendships. Pupils, teachers and school leaders alike, will learn more about different countries, and their cultures, by working together and sharing ideas and practices.’