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Sharing our Mission at MMUN Rome Conference

May 11, 2024
Afbeelding voor Sharing our Mission at MMUN Rome Conference
We at GAMES are honored to have been invited to attend the MMUN Conference in Rome, and to continue our collaboration with our friends at this inspirational organization.

Having met at their Teacher Coordinators Training in Sofia, Bulgaria, back in 2018, we have continued to work with MMUN to promote health, fitness and sustainability through our shared initiative, A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, and during their Online Student Meet-ups.

From April 29 – May 2, we were invited to attend their conference and to connect people in a more meaningful way, by taking our shared values offline and engaging young people in sport and shared activity before their committee sessions.

Participants from around the world played together in games like Tag, football, extreme frisbee and Bootcamp style exercises, in collaboration not competition with one another, and in typical Montessori style, worked together to create adaptations or share cultural differences for each.

This offered delegates a great way to meet and get to know each other, while stimulating their brain function through physical activity – all of which helped them to be better prepared for their collaborative work in committee sessions.

We also got the opportunity to connect with educators from all over the world, and to share our mission with the wider Montessori community, as we presented our work from the Global Montessori Games and Sustainable Development Games, during our Teacher’s Workshop.

We really appreciate the feedback and suggestions we received from all involved, and look forward to working with our friends at MMUN and beyond in the future.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport