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Sharing Culture in Cozumel

November 3, 2023
Afbeelding voor Sharing Culture in Cozumel
Wednesday was an opportunity for participants to learn about, and immerse themselves in, Mexican and Mayan history and culture, as well as share their own with their new friends.

During the daytime activities, we visited Pueblo del Maiz and experienced a representation of the Mayan way of life, walking through a typical village, cooking and eating their food, making and drinking hot chocolate, and participating in their sports and dances.

This was followed by a tour of the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio, where we learned about why Cozumel was chosen for the site of this Mayan temple and how and why Mayan people made their pilgrimage to worship there.

In the evening, we held what is always the most enjoyable part of all of our events; the Cultural Marketplace. This is a chance for students from all teams to share food, snacks, drinks and gift from their own country and offer a little taste of their own culture.

As they shared music from their own countries, they again broke out into spontaneous dance, which lasted the majority of the evening, with all participants, young and old, joining in to learn each dance. This was a beautiful example of how sharing and understanding culture, brings us all together.


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