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Reflecting on Another Unique Event

May 10, 2024
Afbeelding voor Reflecting on Another Unique Event
We at GAMES have now all returned home, and finally had time to rest and reflect on what has been another amazing experience for all – our first event in South America - GMG Bolivia. On April 21, more than 120 people from 7 countries came together at Colegio Despertad, Cochabamba, to share in a week of sporting, educational and cultural activities that resulted in memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Participants were warmly welcomed on the Sunday, with the young people going home with their host families and teachers attending the Teacher’s Dinner, where we all got the time to cook, eat and get to know one another. This was a beautiful way to connect and get an early taste of Bolivian culture.

The first two days were a great chance to connect through sport, as we played traditional Bolivian games, visited the Olympic village for track and field events and played football, volleyball and danced together. Yet another example of how sports can break down barriers and unite people.

This was followed by the Cultural Marketplace, which as always, offered the opportunity for all teams to share gifts and snacks from their own country and culture, and to come together through sharing music and dance. This is always the most popular part of our events, and we got a small taste of India, Chile, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Netherlands, as well as Bolivia.

The Wednesday and Thursday included the educational trips, as we travelled to Toro Toro to explore the caves and search for dinosaur footprints, then on to Salar de Uyuni to visit the Salt Flats. These are two of the most amazing attractions in South America, and it was a privilege to be able to share these experiences together, with people from all over the world.

The event was finally brought to an end on Friday evening’s Farewell Dinner and Closing Party, where students and teachers alike danced, sang and celebrated what has been an amazing experience for all involved.

It was sad to say goodbye, but this has been yet another great example of connecting people, making friends and life-long memories, and Peace Education through shared experience.

Thank you to all who all who attended, especially our host school, students and families, and with so many new ideas planted, we look forward to future events with you all!


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport