Sponsors & partners

Partners and sponsors are very important for us to keep on organizing events for Montessori schools around the world. We are looking for possibilities to continue and improve our organisation and events.

We’d like to thank our sponsors and partners for supporting and helping out.

Thanks to our sponsors we can make the Global Montessori Games even bigger and better.

Paul Kok from Lingewaard Notarissen helped and supported the establishment of our nonprofit organization, Global Association of Montessori Education and Sports.
Linku developed, created and maintains our new website https://montessorigames.org
Bart Ebben Autobedrijf Malden is our logistical partner. During the event, they will assist with the transportation of our special guests, with special sponsored cars. Look out for our logo on the roads.
Albert Heijn Malden will provide bottled water for our first young sportsmen and women and supply the ingredients for on site lunches.
• De Nederlandse Montessori Vereniging sponsors the event to make this special montessori event possible.
N.E.C. Doelbewust will host the Opening Ceremony at of the Global Montessori Games in the gallery of the Goffert Stadium.
Dedicated helped create a special souvenir, to be presented to all participants at the Global Montessori Games.
Radboud University will provide bikes, which will be available for all guests.
Van Leeuwarden Search Group will sponsor the tickets for the match between N.E.C. Nijmegen and De Graafschap on Monday.
Camille Cammaert from Praktijk voor Parodontologie & Implantologie, Gemeente Nijmegen and Zonnenbergsports Groesbeek for their financial support.
Van Leth Photography for making great photo’s during the event.
Judith Cunningham from Montessori Model United Nations for inspiring us and for the invitation for a workshop at a MMUN Conference in Rome.
• And last but not least, our host school, Montessori College Nijmegen & Groesbeek. They have supported and sponsored this event from the very beginning and are allowing us to use all the facilities they offer!

For an event like this you need the help of sponsors. Are you interested in supporting this event, please contact us: roelant@montessorigames.org