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Montessori Discovery Tour in Norway

January 11, 2024
Afbeelding voor Montessori Discovery Tour in Norway
In the first week of January, a delegation of 12 educators from Montessori College Nijmegen & Groesbeek, The Netherlands embarked on a journey to the frosty landscapes of Norway. Their purpose was to explore Montessori Schools, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration from their Norwegian counterparts. Facilitating this educational excursion, GAMES played a crucial role in organizing the trip, orchestrating connections with Montessori colleagues in Oslo, Drøbak, and Bergen, as part of an Inspiration Tour fostering international collaboration within our network.

The adventure commenced with a visit to Bærum Montessoriskole, located just beyond Oslo, where insights into Montessori education for both elementary and adolescent children were shared. The journey continued to Drøbak Montessori (host of the Sustainable Development Games 2022), situated on the Oslofjord and housed in a remarkable Powerhouse Building, renowned as one of the world’s most sustainable school structures. Here, the educators explored the ongoing student-led micro-economy projects. Students from the school guided the Dutch group through the school and gave an insight in their daily routines.

Following a scenic train ride through the Norwegian landscape, the group arrived in Bergen to explore Davinci Montessoriskole (host of the Global Montessori Games 2023). This leg of the trip offered a glimpse into their Montessori approach, showcasing adaptability to a different environment with a school nestled in a football stadium. The day concluded with Dutch and Norwegians educators having dinner together as an international Montessori family.

The second day at Davinci Montessoriskole, the group reflected on what they had seen and experienced. Time was given to share and brainstorm together how to improve their schools in The Netherlands. Each school visit left the educators with valuable takeaways, collectively providing a comprehensive overview of the possibilities within Montessori education.

Expressing gratitude to the open-hearted schools that welcomed them, as well as the participants from Montessori College Nijmegen & Groesbeek, the organizers hailed the inaugural Inspirational Tour as a resounding success.

We look forwards to planning more Inspirational Tours, so let us know if you are interested in collaborating.


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