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Looking Forward to GMG Norway 2021

December 10, 2020
Afbeelding voor Looking Forward to GMG Norway 2021
The second installment of the Global Montessori Games was originally planned to be held this week at Heltberg Privat Gymnas, in Drammen, Norway.

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we were forced to reschedule this until it is safer for people to travel and interact in bigger groups.

Although things remain uncertain, we are taking tentative steps forward and hoping to hold this event between Monday 13th of December and Saturday 19th of December 2021, making this our first Winter GMG.

As before, we will be welcoming 9 teams of 6 students, 3 male and 3 female, to provide more opportunity for varied participation and a greater mix of cultures.

The teams that had confirmed for 2020 will have first refusal for participation, however, we welcome applications from any interested parties, to ensure places are filled.

This event is about building a peaceful and better world by practicing sports and making new friendships. Pupils, teachers and school leaders alike, will learn more about different countries, and their cultures, by working together and sharing ideas and practices.

It is not about competition or winning prizes but coming together and participating in sports in the Olympic spirit of fun, friendship, solidarity and fair play.

Students will again stay with host families, who will play an important role of covering Norwegian culture and customs.

If you are interested in attended, or participating in a future GMG, please visit:

We welcome you all to come and join us on our mission of connecting people through sport, education and shared culture.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport


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