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Interactive workshop at MMUN conference in New York

February 24, 2020
Afbeelding voor Interactive workshop at MMUN conference in New York
On Friday, board members of GAMES held another interactive workshop at the MMUN conference, this time in New York City.

We are very thankful to Judith Cunningham for helping to make this happen and to all who participated, for their ideas, support and enthusiasm for what we do. Before the workshop was over, we had all worked together, sports were created and played, and positive connections created among people from all over the world. It just goes to show that our goal of connecting people through sport, education and shared culture, is one shared by many Montessorians.

We are especially thankful to be able to share this with more people from North America and hope this will be followed by participating teams from USA and Canada in our upcoming Global Montessori Games events.