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Happy New Year

December 31, 2022
Afbeelding voor Happy New Year
As another year comes to an end, we at GAMES are able to look back and reflect on what has been a year of progress, fun and inspiration.

This year, we held our first offline event since 2019, the first of its kind; The Sustainable Development Games. Hosted by our friends at Drøbak Montessori in Norway, we welcomed 146 people from 8 countries to participate in a week full of fun, friendship and shared learning.

It was amazing to see the young people come together and make meaningful connections through sports and fun challenges. Life-long memories were made and there was noticeable growth in all who participated. This first installment was a real success!

We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this event possible, from the Student Committee who arranged the programme and the teachers and students who came from all over the world to attend, to the people and partners who have supported us throughout the whole year.

We now look forward to the new year, and beyond, inspired by this support, the feedback we have received and the engagement of our growing global community.

There is a lot to look forward to too, with events now planned for the next 2 years, both for Global Montessori Games and Sustainable Development Games, and for multiple age groups.

We aim for further growth, a wider reach and to make a bigger impact, as we take our events to other countries and continents, and hope that we may continue to rely on your support.

We welcome more of you to join us on our mission to guide young people to become better world citizens of tomorrow.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport