GMG 2019 – The Netherlands

Afbeelding voor GMG 2019 – The Netherlands
The first global event in this form for pupils between 12 and 16 years old. Six Montessori schools from all over the world will come to Montessori College Nijmegen, The Netherlands. A mix of activities (sports, culture and acquaintance) will be offered here.




Monday 16th of September until Saturday 21st of September 2019


€149 per person for six days (excluding travel expenses). This event is exclusively for Montessori schools.

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Each country comes with a team of 12 people and at least 2 supervisors. 72 children are accommodated with host families within our school. Host families will play an important role in conveying Dutch culture and customs.  Students will stay at a Dutch family together with someone from another country.

An event where sports and culture will unite the Montessori world. Sport twins, understanding of the English language is useful, but not necessary. By moving and playing, contacts are made easily. What standards and values ​​do our foreign guests have and what can we learn from each other? During the sports all students are mixed, so they will not play against other nationalities, but they will play together.

This event is about building a peaceful and better world by practicing sports and making new friendships. Pupils, teachers and school leaders alike, will learn more about different countries, and their cultures, by working together and sharing ideas and practices.

This event is not about winning prizes, but about connecting people in a fun way! The aim is to bring the Montessori world together.

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‘In September 2019 we were joining the first Global Montessori Games in Nijmegen. This was really an amazing experience. The Dutch host families were very nice and our students thrived in their homes. We learned a lot about dutch culture living like this. The teachers also had a great time with a lot of socializing and cooperation. To sum up this week in a few words; great atmosphere, lots of laughter, sports and exercise, making new friends, and cultural exchange. This is what Montessori philosophy is all about concerning this age group; to encourage the adolescence to become social independent.’
Henning Johannessen and 6 students from Drøbak Montessori Middle School (Norway)