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GAMES welcomed at host school of SDGames in Norway

May 29, 2022
Afbeelding voor GAMES welcomed at host school of SDGames in Norway
Last week board members Jeroen Gremmen and Roelant Wijngaards have visited the host school - Drøbak Montessori School - of the first ever Sustainable Development Games.

They were greeted by principal Henning Johannessen and two smiling students. A tour of the school and its surroundings was next. What immediately caught the eye was the stunning location of the school, next to the Oslofjord and in the woods. Not only teachers and students learn and live together at the school, also bees and chickens are taken care of.


When inside you notice that there is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All students have taken their shoes off and walk around in sandals, flip flops or just socks.

After the tour it was time for a meeting with the SDG committee who help organising the event. Great to see how involved and committed they are. The participants will soon receive more information about what we have discussed together.

What was left was a boat trip to the biggest island of the Oslofjord to check out the facilities for a day of fun, sports and relaxing during the SDGames. An amazing boat trip through the fjord to the beautiful island of Håøya, where only two people live.

The board of GAMES would have liked to stay longer and look forward to an amazing event at a very special place!


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport