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Future Impact Event in Our Future Host City

May 16, 2024
Afbeelding voor Future Impact Event in Our Future Host City
Recently, over 200 students from HAN University of Applied Science, came together in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, for the first edition of Future Impact; a mix of interactive activities, workshops and dialogue, that focused on their impact on the environment.

In similar fashion to our Sustainable Development Games, they used Gamification and shared activity to highlight the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), challenging them to make an impact through interactive and hands-on experiences.

Rosalie Ponsioen, Senna Cocu and Antoni Chen, representatives of our partners at HAN Green Office, used this platform to both educate and entertain, as they led participants through a transformed concept of “Crazy 88” into “Climate 88”, encouraging them to explore their own vision of sustainability and asking the question, “Which side of the sustainable future do you want to be on?”

As well as assignments, Virtual Reality experiences, and the use of energy-generating bikes, they were also able to plant 27 trees, through their collaboration with the Trees for All Foundation, making a lasting impact.

This inspiring new event not only raised awareness, but gave the message that young professionals can make a real difference in building a more sustainable future.

We hope to collaborate with these organizations and share our concepts and strategies, as we go to Nijmegen for the next installment of the Sustainable Development Games. Through our shared mission, we hope to have an event bigger impact, now and in the future.

We welcome you all to join us!


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