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Elementary GMG

October 21, 2019
Afbeelding voor Elementary GMG
After the success of the first Global Montessori Games, we have had a lot of interest to participate in future events, including creating one for elementary aged students.

Many elementary Montessori schools from around the world, have expressed interest and mentioned the need to better include sports within their curriculum, while removing the competition.

We do exactly that by combining students of mixed age, gender and nationality to participate in sports in the Olympic spirit of fun, friendship, solidarity and fair play.

At an age when children are questioning and learning about the world around them and becoming more social beings, we believe a slightly smaller scale and less intense version of the Global Montessori Games would be well very well suited.

If you are interested in participating in such an event and helping us achieve our goal of connecting people through sport, education and shared culture, please contact us via the participate section of our website