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Dutch newspaper writes about the first ever Global Montessori Games

September 1, 2019
Afbeelding voor Dutch newspaper writes about the first ever Global Montessori Games
The Gelderlander, a Dutch newspaper, published an article about the first ever Global Montessori Games. Great to see the media is picking up the event. Unfortunately the reporter made a little mistake. We are happy to welcome Croatia in stead of Serbia in Nijmegen.

Click here to read the article.

Here you can read the English translation: 

A first for Nijmegen: Global Montessori Games

Meet people and cultures from all over the world. That is the goal of a new world event, the first of which is being held in Nijmegen: the Global Montessori Games. On Monday 16 September, Mayor Bruls will kick off at the Goffert Stadium. The festive conclusion is on Friday 21 September.

More than a hundred students from 12 to 16 years old come to the Waalstad to experience sport, culture and fun together. They are students from the Czech Republic, Croatia, China, Serbia, Peru, Germany, France and Norway. They have in common that they are taught somewhere on earth at a Montessori school.

The teachers of the Global Montessori Games are Jeroen Gremmen and Roelant Wijngaards of Montessori College Nijmegen and Groesbeek. Wijngaards: ,, Last year we were at a montessori conference in Sofia, when we were inspired. Making international contact is obvious for students from Montessori schools. We consider meeting important and it is in line with our educational vision that the world is our school. ”

Olympic week

Because the idea was immediately embraced by many schools, the teachers started to plan an “Olympic” week. In addition, students will undertake activities in a team context.

“There are sports days and a course to learn how to ride a bike, but for example, students also present their country with singing and / or dancing. On Monday evening there is an international market where the students serve snacks and drinks from home to taste each other. ”

Not competitive

The starting point is not the competitive, but that everything happens according to the Olympic idea that it is not about winning, but about participating. In addition to themes such as exercise, health and sustainability, Dutch culture is also discussed. There are trips, including to Amsterdam, where students can visit the Van Gogh Museum and Nemo.

One day is all about Nijmegen as the oldest city in the Netherlands. “Pupils are instructed to make a work of art that includes, for example, the Waal Bridge, so that they can also take home a memento of Nijmegen.”

Host families

All students stay in host families. Wijngaards: “We let two students of different nationality stay with one of our students. There are more cultures that you can learn from. ”

The intention is that the event is held annually with a different country as host each time. “With 108 students we consciously make a cautious start. First we want to start a successful event. It can then grow for subsequent times. ”

It is not yet known where the event will take place next year. Wijngaards: “Schools in Australia, Norway and China are already interested in the organization.”