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Celebrating Another Successful SDGames

November 10, 2023
Afbeelding voor Celebrating Another Successful SDGames
The second installment of SDGames came to a close in typical style; celebrating a week of fun filled activities and new friendships made, while reflecting on the learning that has taken place and an experience that will last a lifetime. 

As well as continued activities based around Goal 14: Life Below Water, participants spent the final two days learning more about conservation and consolidating this learning through collaborative workshops.

On Thursday morning, we went to a private beach and started, as always, with sports and activities for participants to play and have fun together. We then reflected on the natural beauty of the location and discussed if this, being a private venue, is representative of all beaches on the island.

After a short 2-minute walk away from our base, we realized this wasn’t the case, as in groups, students found and collected huge bags of trash. They then considered what they had found, what it was made of and where it might have come from.

Before recycling what they had found, each group used it to make an artwork that represented something they had learned this week, including Mayan culture, The Day of the Dead, and of course, Goal 14.

After some free time, we were very lucky to be invited to a nighttime activity of releasing newly hatched turtles to their natural habitat; the ocean. This was an amazing experience for all and one that highlighted the impact of participants’ previous work of clearing the beach to allow these animals to survive.

Friday was the final day of the event and a chance for young people to work in groups to reflect on all that they have learned, discuss problems and solutions they have witnessed here or in their own communities, and consolidate their experiences and learning.

It was wonderful to see them share ideas and opinions, and to witness the connections made both with each other and with the Sustainable Development Goals.

As always, the event was officially closed at the Closing Ceremony and Party Night, where young people and teachers were able to enjoy their last moments with their new friends, have some fun and say their tearful goodbyes.

Another successful event has come to a close, which has proved to be a memorable experience for all and evidence that our mission is one that is worth continuing:

Promoting Sustainability and Peace Education through shared experience.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport