An event where sports and culture will unite the Montessori world.


  • Deeper understanding of the world and the people and cultures within it.
  • Make lasting relationships that transcend languages and borders.
  • Improved attitude towards sport and education
  • Development of world citizenship
  • Promote health and fitness


  • Shared ideas on education
  • Access to global network of educators
  • Differed philosophies and educational systems
  • Working relationships that go beyond GMG
  • Cooperation on different international projects
  • Professional development


  • International network of shared knowledge
  • Access to different education systems and educators
  • Exchange of training courses and opportunities
  • Lasting partnership with association and affiliated organizations
  • Positive environment towards learning
  • Lasting impression on all people associated

When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him.
Maria Montessori