Application for host schools

Afbeelding voor Application for host schools
Please fill in the form if you are interested in hosting the second edition. This event is exclusively for Montessori schools.

The aim of Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport is to connect people through sport, education and shared culture. It is about building a peaceful and better world by practicing sports and making new friendships. Pupils, teachers and school leaders alike, will learn more about different countries, and their cultures, by working together and sharing ideas and practices.

GAMES will organize an annual Global Montessori Games to connect Montessori schools around the world and work with them to organize the GMG internationally.

As a non-profit organization, our goal is purely that of connecting people through shared learning and experiences, and supplying a multicultural platform for students and teachers to engage in.

We hope for continued growth, for both the event and association, so that we may build lasting relationships with other schools and organizations, who share our vision of shared learning.

GAMES will;

  • Manage each Global Montessori Games.
  • Provide support to host school.
  • Help acquire funding, sponsorship and advertisement.
  • Promote the event to participants and organizations.

Host will;

  • Contribute to funding of operational costs.
  • Create the schedule of the event, including all sports, workshops and trips.
  • Promote the event in their local area and online.
  • Provide adequate accommodation for all participants.
  • Assist in supplying transportation to participants for travel to the campus or on trips.
  • Ensure increased participation from previous GMG (by agreed upon percentage).

We thank you for your interest in hosting one of our international events and hope to work closely with you to achieve our shared goal of achieving shared culture and educations, through sport.


  • What cultural, educational and sporting activities do you propose and how are they representative to your country?
  • What educational, cultural or sporting workshops would you present?
  • At least one day of the Global Montessori Games event should include an educational trip. What places or activities do you propose for a cultural trip?
  • How are you planning to accommodate the guests? Host families, dorms, hotel etc.
  • Please provide any further information that you feel would support your application.