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Amazing Start to SDGames Mexico

November 1, 2023
Afbeelding voor Amazing Start to SDGames Mexico
This week we welcomed more than one hundred people from around the world, to the second edition of Sustainable Development Games, on the beautiful Island of Cozumel, Mexico.

As always, we started with sports, games and dance, as a great way for young people to move and make new friends. This was followed by a presentation from CONANP; a group of environmental scientists who shared information on the diverse range of species on and around the island, and the need to protect them.

We then climbed aboard the catamaran and set sail for El Cielo, a beach and reef where we went snorkeling to see the natural beauty and varied marine species of the local area, including many fish, stingray and coral.

After lunch, games and activities on the beach, spontaneous dancing broke out on deck as we we sailed back to the pier, bringing the day’s activities to a beautiful close and proving that a great connection had already been made.

The next day was more focused around SDG14: Life Under Water, as we visited Punta Sur Ecological Park. As well as seeing crocodiles, flamingos and other native species, we also learned about the importance of the mangrove forest to the protection and conservation of this area and it’s biodiversity.

Participants got the opportunity for hands-on learning activities, as they waded in the swamp, built small islands out of sand and planted mangrove seeds as a part of the mangrove reforestation project. This was great example of both our mission for SDGames and of Montessori education for this plane.

Education should therefore include the two forms of work, manual and intellectual, for the same person, and thus make it understood by practical experience that these two kinds complete each other and are equally essential to a civilized existence.
Dr. Maria Montessori

We look forward to more amazing experiences throughout the rest of the week, as we aim to inspire young people to learn and work together, and to make a real impact on the peace and sustainability their world needs.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport