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Global Montessori Games transcends traditional boundaries, bringing together Montessori schools from across the globe in a spirit of unity, understanding, and friendship. Unlike conventional competitions, GMG emphasizes participation, cooperation, and personal growth over winning prizes. It's a blend of sports, education, and cultural exchange, designed to foster peace, connection, and mutual respect among children of all ages.
  • Two separate events: one for upper elementary students and one for adolescent students;
  • Schools are to form teams consisting of 6 students accompanied by two coaches;
  • Accommodation arranged with host families; preference for pairing students with hosts from different countries;
  • Coaches responsible for arranging their own accommodation and daily commute (recommendations provided);
  • Cultural market where students can showcase their country and culture;
  • Encouragement for students to finance their trip through fundraising and organizing activities to gain financial literacy.

One of the features of GMG is the immersive experience it offers through homestays with host families. This allows participants to not only engage in sports and educational activities but also to immerse themselves in the local culture, customs, and way of life. That way it’s a reciprocal exchange that enriches the participants’ understanding of different cultures and fosters meaningful connections and friendships that transcend borders.

Global Montessori Games extends its reach to upper elementary students and adolescents, recognizing the diverse needs and interests of different age groups. For upper elementary students, GMG offers an opportunity to enhance their sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills in an inclusive environment. Adolescents, on the other hand, find a platform for personal growth, self-discovery, and cross-cultural engagement, empowering them to become global citizens equipped with invaluable skills and values.

Furthermore, the organization of GMG events is a collaborative effort involving student committees from host schools. These committees play a pivotal role in matching participants with host families and organizing various aspects of the event, ensuring that it runs smoothly and effectively. This hands-on involvement provides students with valuable leadership and organizational skills while reinforcing the ethos of cooperation and community engagement.

At its core, GMG embodies the Montessori philosophy of holistic education, where learning extends beyond the classroom and into the realm of sports and cultural exchange. Through GMG events, participants not only learn about different cultures and customs but also develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. By promoting peace, friendship, and solidarity through sports and education, GMG paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive future, one where barriers are broken, and connections are forged across borders.

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Connecting people through sport, education and shared culture.


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