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A Partnership for Sports with Montessori Principles

October 24, 2020
Afbeelding voor A Partnership for Sports with Montessori Principles
We at GAMES are dedicated to using sports as a means to promote peace education, cultural understanding and the overall development of every child, by bringing young people and educators together, to learn from and with one another.

We understand the importance of connecting with others and are excited to be able to announce a collaboration with another organization within the Montessori community; Montessori Sports. The aim of Montessori Sports is to enrich Montessori environments with sports and to use the power of sports to improve education around the world.

They have launched an online platform to allow greater access to training on how to integrate Montessori principles within schools’ sports programmes and have also developed an AMI accredited Montessori Sports Fundamentals Course, to make training and resources available to large numbers of educators, trainers, and parents.

For more information on this course, their background and other initiatives that they offer, such as the Montessori Sports Fund, please visit their website using this link:

We believe that our two organizations have shared values and will work together to share ideas and resources.

Our partnership is based on mutual support and promotion, with plans to develop more collaborative events where we work towards our shared goals of child development and sustainability through sports.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport