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A Feast of Friendship

May 17, 2024
Afbeelding voor A Feast of Friendship
On the day before the event began, having travelled from all over the world, the teachers who attended GMG Bolivia got the opportunity to meet, eat and get to know one another at the first Teachers’ Meeting.

Host teacher Susanna opened her heart and her home for all educators to come together, prepare dinner and to have lots of fun, while sharing ideas and making new friendships.

Not only did we get a great initial taste of Bolivian food and culture, but we made meaningful connections that would blossom into beautiful friendships throughout the week ahead, proving that our events are not just for the young people that we work with, but an opportunity for us as educators to connect too.

This was a lovely way to start this event, and something that we hope becomes a tradition for all future events.

Thank you again to all who shared this wonderful experience.


Global Association of Montessori Education and Sport